Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo Rev GEN4 900 TURBO Clutch Kit for 195-205HP Tune

Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo Rev GEN4 900 TURBO Clutch Kit for 195-205HP Tune
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Product Description

Hot Rod Sled Shop Inc- Ski-doo REV GEN4 900 TURBO Clutch Kit for Turbo Dynamics Flash 195 HP & 205 HP ECO FLASH or equivalent. This Kit offers really quick acceleration with quicker backshift and on/off throttle response while maintaining correct rpm with the added power. The slow speed driveability is improved as well as trail manners. The on/off throttle response is vastly improved over stock and many customers have commented how much better it is compared to other kits. The kit includes our HRSS-PDM2 adjustable clutch weights which are billet chromemoly steel machined, hardened and nickel plated and have 20 grams of adjustment. The primary spring & secondary compression spring is our H5 spring material which is the highest quality springs in the industry that will not fade or take a set but will have consistent performance for thousands of cycles. Our kit now includes a HRSS H5 compression secondary spring for super consistent performance with no chance of torsional spring failures (ski-doo has changed the oem spring to compression as well. You can order our kit with our HRSS torsional secondary and our kit helix is drilled for torsional adjustment if you prefer and we would include a torsional secondary if notated in the "notes" at checkout. If not noted it will ship with a compression spring. The kit has been extensively tested and compared to many other kits and weights and found to offer the best performance in the industry. The kit includes the HRSS-PDM2 Weights, H5 primary spring, H5 secondary compression spring with Delrin washers, HRSS helix, and extensive instruction sheet for 195 & 205 HP tunes from TD for our adjustable weights. Several customers are running our kit with HURRICANE and other tunes as well and you can call our shop for setup instructions. We also have gear & chain kits to complement different styles of riding and speeds desired.