Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo 800 ETEC Fuel Mod-NEW STAGE 1-3

Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo 800 ETEC Fuel Mod-NEW STAGE 1-3

Product Description

The Hot Rod Sled Shop Fuel Mod for the 2010.5-2016 Ski-doo 800 ETEC is a simple harness that piggybacks into the ATS sensor and makes more HP and TQE. Dyno testing at Dynotech Research on both stock and modified machines has shown a power increase every time the device was plugged in on both bone stock machines and with multiple y-pipes and exhaust mods. Results were a 2-4 hp gain across most of the power curve. ALL results were on a very hard loaded motor so at no load or cruise there may be no power change or increase. It also can be used in conjunction with a Power Commander PC5 and shown more power every dyno pull with ported machines. It adds fuel creating richer air/fuel mixture and the 800 ETEC shows it definitely likes it. These come with complete instructions, and install in 5-10 minutes.

THROUGH EXTENSIVE TESTING IN STOCK AND BIG BORES AT BOTH LOW ELEVATION AND HIGH ALTITUDE SUMMIT APPLICATIONS 3 FUEL MODS ARE NOW AVAILBLE- at checkout please list year, model, and mods (y-pipe, porting, big bore,elevation etc.) and we will Send the correct FUEL MOD FOR YOUR APPLICATION