Hot Rod Sled Shop Trail Port Package for XP 800R -174 HP

Hot Rod Sled Shop Trail Port Package for XP 800R -174 HP
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Hot Rod Sled Shop Dyno tested & field proven 174 Horsepower and 113lbs. torque with trail porting. We've been trail porting the Xp 800 carbed sled since 2009 and achieved 174 hp, 113 tqe. @ 8000rpms at Dynoports Huff Depac Dyno with this package. This package is totally reliable with pump gas. How did we get that impressive hp number? Trail ported cylinder, machined stock head with insert domes, bored rack carbs, V-force reeds, Y-pipe, head pipe, & rave valve modification. The same exact porting with Crankshop race pipes and 16.5 domes made 186 hp. at 8500rpms. We have more variations and combos available. Please call the shop for more details. The package price requires your mono cylinder, carbs, rave valve assemblies and cylinder head for machining. You will receive all the above back with v-force reeds, airbox vent kit & y-pipe. extras you need: pipe mod is $175.00 (send us your pipe) , jet & shim kit $40, and clutch kit $459.00 which includes primary spring, secondary spring, HRSS1 ramps, rollers, custom helix, and heavy tungsten pin kit.