Ski-doo R-Motion 2012-2018 Suspension Rear Skid 4 Spring Kit

Ski-doo R-Motion 2012-2018 Suspension Rear Skid 4 Spring Kit
Item# skidoo-rmotion-suspension-spring-kit
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2012-18 Ski-doo Rmotion Models: 

Product Description

Hot Rod Sled Shop 4 Spring "Drop-In" Kit--This complete Rear suspension Spring Kit includes stiffer rear torsion springs and also a combination of stiffer center main and tender springs with a new Delrin spring separator. These are not Ski-doo's "heavy" springs listed in the catalog which generally ride too stiff for most guys. It was tested and designed for a more agressive ditch banging style of riding where the stock setup is bottoming excessively. It still retains the smooth R-motion ride and still works very well with the stock shock valving or we offer our own valving package for individual needs. It also works really well for heavy riders (over 200lbs.). Spring kits are offered for all models with the R-motion suspension in the dropdown menu. This package still rides extremely smooth and several test riders of varying weights thought it was the perfect combination for the R-motion suspension. Please call about our revalve package for more agressive riders that includes this spring kit.