Ski-doo 800 ETEC 2011-2017 175-190 hp Package

Ski-doo 800 ETEC 2011-2017 175-190 hp Package
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175-190 HP ? Yes depending on whose dyno you choose but we compare apples to apples and match our numbers against anyone at Dynotech Research in Batavia, NY where we have posted the best hp and torque numbers on any 800 etec vs. Crankshop, D&D, and others. Hot Rod Sled Shop ported cylinders, head modification, pipe modification, fuel mod , resulted in the highest horsepower and torque ever produced at Dynotech Research in Batavia, NY in December 2015. 175 hp and 114 tque -(everything else dyno'd there was 170hp or less)This was with a stock modified head and stock modified pipe. Yes almost all the mod shops have been there and we still made the most hp even more than all the big bores that have been there. This is a pump gas, no detonation, ride it all day, pull monster climbs on the Summit --type power. We have a bunch out there with thousands of miles now with "zero" issues. This price is for the cylinder porting, rave valve cut, head mod and pipe mod. The other components you need that are on this website for purchase are: Petsche y-pipe, HRSS fuel mod, Ski-doo OEM upper cylinder gasket kit, clutch kit, and timing key or timing advanced via BUDS. We have exchange cylinders and heads done for exchange at most times for 2015-16 sleds. Anything older you must send your cylinder, rave valves - guillotines only, cylinder head, and pipe, and some measurements we require from your motor as you take it apart to give you a precise, blueprinted, and powerful package. Call with any questions or details. We do have Pwer Commander PC5 maps and options available also with this kit.