Hot Rod Sled Shop Adjustable Ski-doo PDrive clutch weights are now available.

Hot Rod Sled Shop Adjustable Ski-doo  PDrive Clutch Ramps
Hot Rod Sled Shop Adjustable Ski-doo PDrive Clutch Ramps
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Product Description

Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo PDrive Adjustable weights for Ski-doo 600, 850, and 900 Turbo applications are now available in 2 base weights. Our weights are 4130 chromoly steel that is precision machined, heat treated , and then electroless nickel plated for the the strongest and finest weight in the business. We then use I-glide German made bushings for zero bushing failers and a 25% closer tolerance on the axle for more precise weight travel as it goes through its cycles. Our weight eliminates the stock clicker system which we believe is a great benefit in even more precise tuning in exact shift locations than the Ski-doo OEM ramps. Our shift curve is different than any stock ramp. It loads the motor harder and then aggressively upshifts for quicker acceleration and maintaining more mph with a lower full shift profile. The PD series weights require more compressed spring pressure than your stock ramps - for you tuners you need a 50 pound stiffer spring. The PDM weights will easily load a 300 hp motor with a 250pound compressed primary spring. The profile is similar to a 968 in clicker #4 at engagement and then loads more than a 968 in clicker #1 at full shift. The profile of our HRSS-PDL and HRSS-PDM is the same with just a different base weight. The HRSS-PDL with a weight from 62-74 grams was designed for REV GEN4 850 high altitude applications and the new Gen4 600R. We have reduced belt temps significantly wit our weights with more precise rpm control in more diverse conditions than the OEM style weights. The HRSS-PDM ramp with a weight from 74-94 grams works really well for low elevation application in both Summit, and MXZ applications as well as 900 ACE Turbo. We have complete clutch kits available and kit reviews on have been stellar with superior performance over all other kits with both OEM weights and OEM style weights that are adjustable. Our HRSS PD series weights create a shift curve that puts more HP to the track than any of the oem style weights can.