HRSS NEW DESIGN 2017 CREE LED Kit for Ski-doo XS, XM, XP, & XR

HRSS NEW DESIGN 2017 CREE LED Kit for Ski-doo XS, XM, XP, & XR
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Product Description

NEW for August 2017 HOT ROD SLED SHOP INC. true LED headlight conversion for Ski-doo XP, XS, XM and XR. These are 2.5 times brighter than stock (10,800 LUMEN) , and give you a full low , mid, and high beam spread pattern for 1/2 the price of the Ski-doo Accessory LED light ($399.00) that only fills a partial beam pattern. This is a CREE LED module hi/low beam dual headlight with aluminum housing and tin coated copper braided heat synch.-the absolute highest quality kit with all wiring, connectors, and complete instructions. These are "plug-n-play" meaning there is no cutting or splicing of wires-they literally plug into the stock wiring harness. LED lights have a small ballast box which you must mount with zip ties or two-sided tape. Literally 2.5 times as bright as stock and draws only 5 amps and 45watts. Your handwarmers will get hotter quicker and maintain full power with the extra juice available when more accessories are run! This new for August 2017 kit has no fans and uses the latest technology copper heat synch to get rid of heat so there are no fans to burn out. No modifications to the sled are required , it's all plug-n-play. Installation is easy and can be done in 30 minutes. We offer a 2 (two) year IN-HOUSE warranty on these lights.